Four flutes (C - alto - bass - piccolo), voice, alto saxophone sometimes and electric bass very rarely.

Sylvaine Hélary

The diversity of sound investigation and the artistic creation are since always center of the own approach of Sylvaine Helary, a process tinged with the highest requirement and an insatiable curiosity. The use of four flutes and the voice, the work of composition and improvisation are declined in singular ways within very different bands: sometimes acoustic (Spring Roll), sometimes electric (Glowing Life), occasionally staging or spatialized (The Edge of Memories, Printemps), music orchestrated or on the contrary shipped under a form more raw and minimal.

Sylvaine Hélary, flutist with multiple facets, belongs to those soloists who built a natural link between contemporary music, jazz and various currents of new music.

As such, she is regularly invited by reknowed French or international artists, like Steve Coleman, Matt Mitchell, Kris Davis, Jozef Dumoulin, Sarah Murcia, Eve Risser, Sylvain Rifflet, l’ONJ, Dominique Pifarély, Nicole Mitchell, Dominique A, Régis Huby, The Bridge (transatlantic exchange program), … 

Also fascinated by ledagogy, she conducts frequently workshops about her instrument and compositions. Therby she wishes to meet and reach all kind of audience.

« My main preoccupation is defined by using a diversified musical language, faithful reflection of my career, 

which makes people hearing the flute in its entirety. »

Clearly identified by professional community in which she’s progressing, Sylvaine Helary was designed Artist of the Year 2018 by Jazzmagazine. Nowadays, she counts on her discography around twenty recordings, including some under her name witch were praised by the specialized press. 

She was recently committed by Frédéric Maurin (artistic director of National Jazz Orchestra) to compose two pieces for the next program « Rituels » (created in October 2019).

« This flute-player has appropriated the musical territories where improvisation, contemporary music, sonic poetry, musical theater, uncommon pop-music and ultra-modern post-jazz exchange their proprieties and mingle their identities [...] This new band is ideal for the flute-player to experiment on hybrid compositions that build bridges between the repetitive and hypnotic universe of Morton Feldman and the progressive and self-generated patterns of the young New-York generation [...] This sensorial music enchants us by its intelligence, its refinement, its freshness and great maturity. »

Stéphane Ollivier, Choc Jazzman, May 2015

Crédit photo : Patrick Essex